Dr. David and Andrew Lovice

Son and Father Team

Green Moose Fuel is the brainchild of Andrew Lovice, a personal trainer by trade and adventurer by heart.

Green Moose Fuel was born out of a need for a non-refined, hypoallergenic, convenient source of clean fuel for athletes and health-conscious people on the go.

Andrew has always had a passion for a healthy lifestyle, optimizing performance, and helping others reach goals pertaining to health and fitness.

Green Moose Fuel has provided him with a packable source of high quality food for the awkward in-between meal times on the go, pre-race, workout, adventure, etc., and a healthy dessert option!

Andrew Lovice on mountain bike

Andrew Lovice

Founder – Personal Trainer

Dr. David Lovice

David Lovice

Dad, Doctor, Partner

Dr. Dave is a proud partner, encourager and source of knowledge in the Green Moose Fuel business world. David’s adventurous side, while not quite to the level of his son, is an extension of the passion that Green Moose Fuel is emblematic of… work hard, play harder!